Valve Steam Machines Affirms Also Supported AMD ( Pokemon Go)

After the success of games for digital distribution portal – Steam, Valve finally decided to bring “innovation” them to a higher level – hardware. No half-hearted, they introduced three main weapons to the public, the Steam OS operating system, the hardware Steam Machines, and the unique controller Steam Controller. Steam Machine itself is positioned is like a hybrid between PC and consoles, promising a different gaming experience. To ensure this happens, Valve itself even share specifications prototype that they will share in the beta users worldwide. Specifications that will not only subdue the Playstation 4 and Xbox One easily, but it also made the AMD fans around the world bite the fingers and on Pokemon go .

This prototype specification is indicated as the close cooperation, and even seem to be exclusive between Valve and NVIDIA associated Steam Machines. The strongest NVIDIA graphics card into a major force of all these prototypes, especially supported by NVIDIA effort that has continued to enhance their support on Linux, the base of Steam OS itself. Does this mean Valve and Steam Machine will be present without AMD – the competitor?
Valve denies the exclusivity of cooperation with NVIDIA to Steam Machine project. They confirmed that the Steam Machine 2014. The retail version will also be supported by AMD and you can download Pokemon go.
This suspicion was finally denied by Doug Lombardi – PR from Valve itself. Lombardi assured that at the time of retail release of Steam Machines in 2014, this console will also be strengthened by the hardware berbasikan AMD technology. He asserted Valve cooperate very closely with the three major players – AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel at this time, to optimize Steam Machines and Steam OS and visit Pokemon Go Coins hack.

So for fans of AMD technology that was disappointed with the prototype specifications Valve Steam Machine ago, you may be a little relieved.

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