Uncharted Movie Will Start Early 2015

Pessimistic, this may be the attitude that first appears every time he hears the developer’s efforts to bring their flagship game to the big screen. History proves that almost all of these efforts always culminate in nightmares and the end result of a movie that does not reflect the identity and appeal of the game version at all.

In spite of the ever-present negative response, publishers do not seem to hesitate to keep coming back with this formula. The process of strict supervision and direct intervention on film content is promised publisher, as do Ubisoft with 6 movie adaptation projects that are being cultivated. Not only Ubisoft, Sony is also one of the heavily through a similar process. dragon ball z dokkan battle hack – Uncharted reportedly even ready to enter the production process.

In his interview with the site – Zap2lt, the director who was appointed to head the film adaptation Uncharted – Seth Gordon comes with happy news. Gordon said that the movie version of Uncharted is ready to start filming in early 2015. Unfortunately, Gordon himself still has not found the main actor to portray the iconic figure of Nathan Drake, after the departure of Mark Wahlberg who was a candidate when the project was handled by a different director – David O. Russell. Gordon himself also refused to share details about the story he was going to carry, but confirmed that he would not offer the exact same plot as the video game version and get dragon ball z dokkan battle hack on http://zngamehack.com/dragonballzdokkanbattlegen/ .

Will this Uncharted adaptation movie meet the expectations of gamers who have been fascinated with this awesome video game version? With the process of filming that is about to run next year, it seems the time of proof itself is still long enough. How do you think? Which actor do you think is best suited for playing Nathan Drake?

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