Sony Will Inject New Features To Playstation 4?

Unlike the console releases ten or twenty years ago, the popularity and ease of getting internet connection now allows console manufacturers to make their products grow as dynamic peripherals. Not just stuck with features pinned early on, they can now inject extra new features that of course aims to create a more optimal gaming experience. Through a series of patch updates released, Sony is one of them. Over time, the latest generation consoles are starting to look more promising on roblox.

Not only the selection of the exact specifications and successfully make the Playstation 4 as the latest generation console strongest today, Sony also continues to throw support to throw new interesting features. Through a questionnaire that they release via cyberspace, Sony gives start to attract feedback on what gamers want. There was written the opportunity to change the name of the PSN username, reputation system a la Xbox One, to a more social – like chatting with 8 people at once and on-screen notification and play roblox robux hack.

Of all these features, Sony also includes an option to assess whether each option is attractive or not. What do you think? Which features do you most want from Playstation 4 in the future?

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