Sega Game Set New Alien: Isolation?

Failure is not the end of everything, the wisdom of this one may be the words of a strong motivation to push you down the difficulty of the struggle of everyday life. But who thought that, he also became one of the publisher’s business philosophy giants in the gaming industry – Sega. While many publishers deadly franchise that proved unsuccessful in the market and a shift towards more potential projects, Sega seems to be stuck in a wave of optimism that started irrational. Absolutely, rumored Sega is developing a new series of his Alien franchise and visit Madden Mobile on Android.

After harsh criticism and bad reviews that must be accepted by Aliens: Colonial Marines, one of the most disappointing game in the year 2013, Sega reportedly will remain begets more Alien series in the future. One reliable source told Kotaku even stated Sega already have a name for this one game – Alien: Isolation.

The failure of Colonial Marines Sega does not seem to dampen the desire to release more games Alien in the future. Rumors even claim they are developing a new title – Isolation is ready to go next year on Madden Mobile .

Isolation will tell the story of Amanda Ripley – daughter of Ellen Ripley, the iconic character from the film version. Unlike the Colonial Marines were full action, Isolation reportedly will carry the mechanics that combines stealth and action-style side Dishonored and BioShock. Developers are responsible for it? Sega Creative Assembly appoint – cold hands behind the series of strategy game Total Rome get onĀ

How valid information on this one? Sega has still not given any official confirmation or details. How about you? Still interested are you play a new series after quality Alien Colonial Marines yesterday?

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