Review: Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle

Tim developer of the game Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle, represented Joe Khoury, stating that the game they were doing it will be the same for all platforms, both for PC, current-generation console, as well as next-generation console. For all platforms, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle will still provide the same sensation for all the players.

The explanation given in the event Khoury EGX 2013, to align the opinion that better Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle played on next-generation console and PC compared to current-generation console. According to Khoury, the development team has been striving to bring the experience and sensation similar to Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle in all platforms, as well as to frame all expected to be lower in the Android.

However, Khoury also did not rule out the advantages to be gained from Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle hack game is played on a PC or next-generation console. Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle who played on the platform will have a shorter loading time for better hardware utilization. Additionally, for texture, the development team might be able to use texture packs with higher detail. However, none of that would provide different sensations when playing a Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle.

Khoury also little discussed is related to the special controls that can be used in the PlayStation 4, the use of features in the DualShock 4. Control really is optional, so it will not bring a significant influence on gamers experience when playing the game.

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