NBA Live Mobile reviews Android

Rumors related to the presence of open-world game themed zombies, NBA Live Mobile on the Xbox 360 console that circulated a few times lately eventually denied by Microsoft. Through Twitter account Larry Hryb, Microsoft declared that the rumor is not true and the game made by Capcom confirmed to be present only in Android only.

Tweet from the official account Larry Htyb who denied the presence of NBA Live Mobile on the Xbox 360 explicitly mentions that the news that was published by one of the leading games information media, Eurogamer, is not true. The game will only be present exclusively on Android only. Indeed, the game was included in one of the games that will accompany the launch of Microsoft’s next-generation console that on 22 November.

The producer of the game, NBA Live Mobile 17 coins hack from EA adding that the game was originally was set to be played on the PC and Xbox 360. However, after careful consideration, the developer decided the game will not be present on the Xbox 360 as the console is considered already quite “old”. As for the PC, after consideration of free high quality for high-end gaming PC, the developer eventually abandoned the plan when the offer from Microsoft to make the game as one of the games that accompany the launch of the Android came. In the end, it comes just a zombie game for Android only.

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