Infinity Ward: Mostly Players COD Not Gamers!

What makes an individual deserves the title of “prestigious” as a gamer? Definition surrounding the gaming industry so much, providing anyone who panta argument for the status of this one. Not only that, through the genre of games they’ve played and the way they took to complete, gamers themselves even split into three categories: casual, core, and hardcore. The big question, what would be the status of clothing if you’re passionate about certain games? To you who are lovers of heavy FPS series is phenomenal – Call of Duty, you may not be regarded as a game, even by the developers themselves – Infinity Ward and get Madden Mobile on Android.

In an interview with OXM, executive producer of Infinity Ward – Mark Rubin discuss the unique phenomenon that occurs in COD as a franchise. Apart from the strong reaction of gamers in the virtual world that continues to insult every latest COD series, Activision’s flagship game has always managed to be present with the fantastic sales performance. What really happened? Why this game can be so behavior when gamers open hate? Rubin stated that the COD has a strong fan base of players, where COD being the only titles that make them interested in playing  Madden Mobile games.

Rubin openly stated that the COD has a massive number of players are further categorized as casual gamers. They are not a hardcore gamer or even could be categorized as a gamer, but has a high dedication to play COD every night. Fan base like this is likely to continue in COD, regardless of changes to the next-gen platform that is now taking place in indsutri game. Rubin also briefly stated that the presence of female characters in COD: Ghosts are also intended to meet the wishes of casual Madden mobile coin hack online gamers.

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