GTA Online Coming Soon Heist Mode

Good news for you Grand Theft Auto V gamers who are looking forward to the presence of Heist Mode in GTA Online. Rockstar announced that the update to be released in the near future will bring the new mode.

This mode is the most awaited by gamers since Rockstar released GTA 5 hack Online. As is known, in Heist Mode gamers can work with several other gamers to perform a challenging cooperative mission and of course with a tempting profit potential. Later, the money earned after completing the mission will be shared equally to the participating crew.

Rockstar mentioned that more complete information about this mode will soon be revealed. Before Heist Mode launches, Rockstar will first release Capture Creature from next week. This feature allows gamers to create Capture Jobs as they wish.

After that, there is The High Life that will improve the lifestyle of gamers in Los Santos with the availability of luxury apartments. The update also brings Bullpup Rifle, new wardrobe items, Dinka Thrust motorcycle, and 3 new cars including Super class Pegassi Zentorno. Not to forget Rockstar allows gamers to have more than one property.

Of course there are still many new features and some improvements that are presented Rockstar through the series ‘Spring Update’ above. The company is still developing a lot of things to make the quality of gameplay in GTA Online getting better. Let’s wait!

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