For PlayStation 4, Sony Ready to Work on PlayStation Network

Weakness is still owned by the PlayStation Network (PSN) appears to be a highly payed Japanese electronics giant, Sony. After the emergence of various problems caused due to the number of applicants Grand Theft Auto V is beyond expectations, which ultimately leads to many problems related to the download and installation of the game, the Sony promised to immediately rectify the shortcomings of the PSN.

Based on the information obtained from the Eurogamer PlayStation UK Fergal Gara, Sony states that it should be able to avoid it. However, for the future, especially for the PlayStation 4, similar incidents will not happen again. Sony has made various improvements related PSN and will present a variety of innovations that will make the online service is getting better.

For the future, according to Gara, Sony may be tested prior to the games that will be distributed online to avoid any problems. In addition, further tests will be done to make sure these games will run perfectly and will not cause problems for Sony and gamers and visit

Gara also stated that the PSN since its introduction has evolved into more than just an online service in any PlayStation console. The Service has developed more widely, for example for the distribution of games as well as social media. Therefore, Sony will continue to improve the quality of the PSN, both software and infrastructure, to make gamers more comfortable using it.

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