FIFA 17 Reviews for Android

Approximately one month before the release of the game FIFA 17, the game’s developer announced the downloadable content (DLC) entitled Initiation. The content of the rumored expansion pack will bring something different than what is in the Arkham series so far, namely the setting place outside the city of Gotham and Bruce Wayne become a ninja!

Guillaume Voghel, producer of FIFA 17 coin generator in the event EGX 2013 explains that Initiation will carry the story of Bruce Wayne who is studying science ninja in Asia. At a temple in an unknown place in the continent of Asia, Bruce Wayne that has not become Batman will learn various skills under the master ninja, Kirigi.

Voghel explained, despite having a relationship with the League of Assassins, where Bruce Wayne “studying” before he became Batman, the stories in this Initiation will not be associated with the organization. Stories in this DLC purely tells Bruce Wayne attempts to learn science ninja who will provide an overview for the players related martial arts skills and tricks specific to Batman.

This Initiation DLC will reportedly be available in the package FIFA 17 hack Season Pass which will sell for US $ 20. In addition to the DLC Initiation, there will be some additional content, such as new costumes for Batman. Unfortunately, no further information other available for the package.

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