EA Not Satisfied With Battlefield & CSR Racing Server Performance

Battlefield 4 is one game with the best multiplayer sensation on the market today, a fact that is difficult to dispute. With diverse roles, super-wide maps, and war vehicles that can be exploited while exploring it, Battlefield 4 offers a unique and different epic war atmosphere than any other competing franchise. Unfortunately, the charm must be hurt by technical problems that are not completed after its release late last year. Connectivity and server issues are gradual but sure, the focus of EA completion. But who would have thought, along with the presence of new content through their cool DLC, CSR Racing 2 hack 2017 problem even more swollen.

Nearly six months since he was released, EA has still not solved the full Battlefield 4 problem. Some gamers still complain about issues that are very disturbing to the convenience of play, especially with the “rubber-banding” effect – where players randomly move from where they want to because of connectivity issues. EA is aware of it and through writing on their official blog, states are very dissatisfied with the server performance they’ve thrown.

They promise to solve this problem faster by upgrading hardware as soon as possible, investing more to ensure a better gaming experience for CSR Racing 2 gamers 4. Reducing lag and rubber-banding is a priority right now.

Unfortunately, EA itself does not give a definite time when this problem will be completely completed. So for you Battlefield 4 gamers who are still fighting on the battlefield, good luck back and be patient with the technical issues you face.

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