Central EA Battlefield Develop for Mobile

EA desire to continue pushing its flagship FPS franchise – Battlefield to all of the available market share seems no longer bearable. Having had affirmed their commitment to encourage every gaming hardware device to limit the most optimal to play Battlefield 4, this one seems the policy will also be applied in a market that is more “casual” – mobile. Various preparations have been made EA long ago, but eventually slid confirmation. EA is developing a Battlefield series specifically for the mobile market NBA Live Mobile Coins.

Technological leap that carried a variety of smartphones and tablets in recent years is indeed astounding. Extra strength is what ultimately allows EA to develop a version of its flagship engine for the mobile market –  NBA Live Mobile . For this engine is used? Frank Gibeau from EA to give some idea in his interview with The New York Times. Gibeau publicly confirmed that EA is currently developing a mobile version of the Battlefield games. But it is not just a regular mobile games, according to the standard Battlefield during this time, these mobile games will also appear in high-end and high-performance. EA optimistic this formula would work and get NBA Live Mobile on android.

With the new mobile engine – Frostbite Go, EA revealed that they are developing a Battlefield game for the mobile market. Unfortunately, there is no further detail.

Unfortunately there is no extra detail any information about this mobile version of Battlefield, including when gamers will have the opportunity to see a test of the power of Frostbite Go in it. Is the visual claim similar current generation of consoles will be able to fulfill? How EA will deal with touch screen control mechanisms are often considered uncomfortable for an FPS game? We’ll wait.

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