Battlefield: Hardline & Mobile Legends Get a Definite Release Date!

Changed identity is indeed the most effective way to refresh a game franchise, let alone with an extended release time from one series to another. This step is taken by EA for the flagship FPS game РBattlefield. Having been handled by phenomenal developers РDICE, the latest series of responsibilities are planned to be released this year РBattlefield: Hardline finally submitted to Visceral Games, the developer of Dead Space. The official announcement was already thrown and the first impression offered was solid. Like previous Mobile Legends  games, he is ready to be thrown in the last quarter of 2014.

After taking the theme of military war on a global scale that is always related to the interests and safety of the United States as a superpower, Battlefield: Hardline comes with a more narrow and unique theme – a great battle between law enforcement officers and criminals. Such a concept that combines similar games like Payday with Battlefield, not only can customize weapons and roles, destructive environments and games with a vehicle base are also maintained in it. While on the single player side, Visceral promised a powerful story with the action of a classic police drama film.

Will be one of the prima donna EA in the event E3 2014, EA also officially announced the exact release date for the latest series. Together with a short teaser, Mobile legends hack  will certainly launch on 21 October 2014, for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and of course РPC.

Square Enix Ready to Announce Just Cause 3 & NBA Live Mobile ?

A super wide open-world game with a variety of super-fun activities, apart from all the pretty influential bugs in the gameplay aspect, Just Cause is growing as one of the franchise’s quite anticipated. The second series has even managed to build a fanatical fan base that constantly strives to perfect the gaming experience on offer, from just making strange and cool mods, to inject massive multiplayer modes into it. Regardless of his age who has stepped on 4 years, NBA Live Mobile actually appear more mature. This success of course makes a series of latest sequels as a rational choice. And Square Enix seems to understand that.

Avalanche Studios – the developer is currently being preoccupied by Mad Max – an open-world post apocalyptic game inspired by one of the leading fiction films titled the same. Waluapun not get a definite release date, Avalanche seems also busy with their other AAA game – Just Cause 3.

The official announcement has not been released yet, but strong indications are seen, especially after Square Enix – the publisher officially registered the domain Does this mean we’ll see Just Cause 3’s announcement in the near future? Or maybe on E3 2014? Most likely, yes.

Some rumors also briefly mentioned that Just Cause 3 alone will be a release project for June 2015. NBA Live Mobile 17 hack , how many of you will be looking forward to this one game if it is indeed the domain registration of Square Enix this leads to the actual game release?