Central EA Battlefield Develop for Mobile

EA desire to continue pushing its flagship FPS franchise – Battlefield to all of the available market share seems no longer bearable. Having had affirmed their commitment to encourage every gaming hardware device to limit the most optimal to play Battlefield 4, this one seems the policy will also be applied in a market that is more “casual” – mobile. Various preparations have been made EA long ago, but eventually slid confirmation. EA is developing a Battlefield series specifically for the mobile market NBA Live Mobile Coins.

Technological leap that carried a variety of smartphones and tablets in recent years is indeed astounding. Extra strength is what ultimately allows EA to develop a version of its flagship engine for the mobile market –  NBA Live Mobile . For this engine is used? Frank Gibeau from EA to give some idea in his interview with The New York Times. Gibeau publicly confirmed that EA is currently developing a mobile version of the Battlefield games. But it is not just a regular mobile games, according to the standard Battlefield during this time, these mobile games will also appear in high-end and high-performance. EA optimistic this formula would work and get NBA Live Mobile on android.

With the new mobile engine – Frostbite Go, EA revealed that they are developing a Battlefield game for the mobile market. Unfortunately, there is no further detail.

Unfortunately there is no extra detail any information about this mobile version of Battlefield, including when gamers will have the opportunity to see a test of the power of Frostbite Go in it. Is the visual claim similar current generation of consoles will be able to fulfill? How EA will deal with touch screen control mechanisms are often considered uncomfortable for an FPS game? We’ll wait.

Sega Game Set New Alien: Isolation?

Failure is not the end of everything, the wisdom of this one may be the words of a strong motivation to push you down the difficulty of the struggle of everyday life. But who thought that, he also became one of the publisher’s business philosophy giants in the gaming industry – Sega. While many publishers deadly franchise that proved unsuccessful in the market and a shift towards more potential projects, Sega seems to be stuck in a wave of optimism that started irrational. Absolutely, rumored Sega is developing a new series of his Alien franchise and visit Madden Mobile on Android.

After harsh criticism and bad reviews that must be accepted by Aliens: Colonial Marines, one of the most disappointing game in the year 2013, Sega reportedly will remain begets more Alien series in the future. One reliable source told Kotaku even stated Sega already have a name for this one game – Alien: Isolation.

The failure of Colonial Marines Sega does not seem to dampen the desire to release more games Alien in the future. Rumors even claim they are developing a new title – Isolation is ready to go next year on Madden Mobile .

Isolation will tell the story of Amanda Ripley – daughter of Ellen Ripley, the iconic character from the film version. Unlike the Colonial Marines were full action, Isolation reportedly will carry the mechanics that combines stealth and action-style side Dishonored and BioShock. Developers are responsible for it? Sega Creative Assembly appoint – cold hands behind the series of strategy game Total Rome get on  maddenmobilezone.com.

How valid information on this one? Sega has still not given any official confirmation or details. How about you? Still interested are you play a new series after quality Alien Colonial Marines yesterday?

Infinity Ward: Mostly Players COD Not Gamers!

What makes an individual deserves the title of “prestigious” as a gamer? Definition surrounding the gaming industry so much, providing anyone who panta argument for the status of this one. Not only that, through the genre of games they’ve played and the way they took to complete, gamers themselves even split into three categories: casual, core, and hardcore. The big question, what would be the status of clothing if you’re passionate about certain games? To you who are lovers of heavy FPS series is phenomenal – Call of Duty, you may not be regarded as a game, even by the developers themselves – Infinity Ward and get Madden Mobile on Android.

In an interview with OXM, executive producer of Infinity Ward – Mark Rubin discuss the unique phenomenon that occurs in COD as a franchise. Apart from the strong reaction of gamers in the virtual world that continues to insult every latest COD series, Activision’s flagship game has always managed to be present with the fantastic sales performance. What really happened? Why this game can be so behavior when gamers open hate? Rubin stated that the COD has a strong fan base of players, where COD being the only titles that make them interested in playing  Madden Mobile games.

Rubin openly stated that the COD has a massive number of players are further categorized as casual gamers. They are not a hardcore gamer or even could be categorized as a gamer, but has a high dedication to play COD every night. Fan base like this is likely to continue in COD, regardless of changes to the next-gen platform that is now taking place in indsutri game. Rubin also briefly stated that the presence of female characters in COD: Ghosts are also intended to meet the wishes of casual Madden mobile coin hack online gamers.

Valve Steam Machines Affirms Also Supported AMD ( Pokemon Go)

After the success of games for digital distribution portal – Steam, Valve finally decided to bring “innovation” them to a higher level – hardware. No half-hearted, they introduced three main weapons to the public, the Steam OS operating system, the hardware Steam Machines, and the unique controller Steam Controller. Steam Machine itself is positioned is like a hybrid between PC and consoles, promising a different gaming experience. To ensure this happens, Valve itself even share specifications prototype that they will share in the beta users worldwide. Specifications that will not only subdue the Playstation 4 and Xbox One easily, but it also made the AMD fans around the world bite the fingers and on Pokemon go .

This prototype specification is indicated as the close cooperation, and even seem to be exclusive between Valve and NVIDIA associated Steam Machines. The strongest NVIDIA graphics card into a major force of all these prototypes, especially supported by NVIDIA effort that has continued to enhance their support on Linux, the base of Steam OS itself. Does this mean Valve and Steam Machine will be present without AMD – the competitor?
Valve denies the exclusivity of cooperation with NVIDIA to Steam Machine project. They confirmed that the Steam Machine 2014. The retail version will also be supported by AMD and you can download Pokemon go.
This suspicion was finally denied by Doug Lombardi – PR from Valve itself. Lombardi assured that at the time of retail release of Steam Machines in 2014, this console will also be strengthened by the hardware berbasikan AMD technology. He asserted Valve cooperate very closely with the three major players – AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel at this time, to optimize Steam Machines and Steam OS and visit Pokemon Go Coins hack.

So for fans of AMD technology that was disappointed with the prototype specifications Valve Steam Machine ago, you may be a little relieved.

Marvel Contest of Champions Reviews

EA said to have filed the trademark ownership rights over the title of “Marvel Contest of Champions HAck“! The title, though not yet officially announced by EA, would seem to be the title of the latest expansion pack of their popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft, which was prepared for the year 2014.

Based on the information mentioned EA to support the filing of the patent, “Marvel Contest of Champions” is referred to as “computer game software” with other supporting information “downloadable computer game software”. It was enough to indicate that EA does intend to use the title as the title of their game, which somehow is a new game or updates for their games that exist today. However, look at the habits of the past few years, it could be concluded that the “Marvel Contest of Champions” is the latest expansion pack for World of Warcraft.

Earlier, in the last 2 years, EA has always filed a patent on the title of a new expansion pack for World of Warcraft approximately 1-2 months prior to BlizzCon event in the same year. BlizzCon 2013 itself will be held in early November 2013, more precisely on November 8 to 9. Whatever will the original form of the “Marvel Contest of Champions” is, EA seems to be utilizing the BlizzCon 2013 event to provide more information regarding the new trademark them. So, let’s wait for the announcement at BlizzCon, approximately 1 month 1 week from now.

Review: Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle

Tim developer of the game Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle, represented Joe Khoury, stating that the game they were doing it will be the same for all platforms, both for PC, current-generation console, as well as next-generation console. For all platforms, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle will still provide the same sensation for all the players.

The explanation given in the event Khoury EGX 2013, to align the opinion that better Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle played on next-generation console and PC compared to current-generation console. According to Khoury, the development team has been striving to bring the experience and sensation similar to Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle in all platforms, as well as to frame all expected to be lower in the Android.

However, Khoury also did not rule out the advantages to be gained from Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle hack game is played on a PC or next-generation console. Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle who played on the platform will have a shorter loading time for better hardware utilization. Additionally, for texture, the development team might be able to use texture packs with higher detail. However, none of that would provide different sensations when playing a Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle.

Khoury also little discussed is related to the special controls that can be used in the PlayStation 4, the use of features in the DualShock 4. Control really is optional, so it will not bring a significant influence on gamers experience when playing the game.

For PlayStation 4, Sony Ready to Work on PlayStation Network

Weakness is still owned by the PlayStation Network (PSN) appears to be a highly payed Japanese electronics giant, Sony. After the emergence of various problems caused due to the number of applicants Grand Theft Auto V is beyond expectations, which ultimately leads to many problems related to the download and installation of the game, the Sony promised to immediately rectify the shortcomings of the PSN.

Based on the information obtained from the Eurogamer PlayStation UK Fergal Gara, Sony states that it should be able to avoid it. However, for the future, especially for the PlayStation 4, similar incidents will not happen again. Sony has made various improvements related PSN and will present a variety of innovations that will make the online service is getting better.

For the future, according to Gara, Sony may be tested prior to the games that will be distributed online to avoid any problems. In addition, further tests will be done to make sure these games will run perfectly and will not cause problems for Sony and gamers and visit http://www.gamezhacktool.com.

Gara also stated that the PSN since its introduction has evolved into more than just an online service in any PlayStation console. The Service has developed more widely, for example for the distribution of games as well as social media. Therefore, Sony will continue to improve the quality of the PSN, both software and infrastructure, to make gamers more comfortable using it.

FIFA 17 Reviews for Android

Approximately one month before the release of the game FIFA 17, the game’s developer announced the downloadable content (DLC) entitled Initiation. The content of the rumored expansion pack will bring something different than what is in the Arkham series so far, namely the setting place outside the city of Gotham and Bruce Wayne become a ninja!

Guillaume Voghel, producer of FIFA 17 coin generator in the event EGX 2013 explains that Initiation will carry the story of Bruce Wayne who is studying science ninja in Asia. At a temple in an unknown place in the continent of Asia, Bruce Wayne that has not become Batman will learn various skills under the master ninja, Kirigi.

Voghel explained, despite having a relationship with the League of Assassins, where Bruce Wayne “studying” before he became Batman, the stories in this Initiation will not be associated with the organization. Stories in this DLC purely tells Bruce Wayne attempts to learn science ninja who will provide an overview for the players related martial arts skills and tricks specific to Batman.

This Initiation DLC will reportedly be available in the package FIFA 17 hack Season Pass which will sell for US $ 20. In addition to the DLC Initiation, there will be some additional content, such as new costumes for Batman. Unfortunately, no further information other available for the package.

NBA Live Mobile reviews Android

Rumors related to the presence of open-world game themed zombies, NBA Live Mobile on the Xbox 360 console that circulated a few times lately eventually denied by Microsoft. Through Twitter account Larry Hryb, Microsoft declared that the rumor is not true and the game made by Capcom confirmed to be present only in Android only.

Tweet from the official account Larry Htyb who denied the presence of NBA Live Mobile on the Xbox 360 explicitly mentions that the news that was published by one of the leading games information media, Eurogamer, is not true. The game will only be present exclusively on Android only. Indeed, the game was included in one of the games that will accompany the launch of Microsoft’s next-generation console that on 22 November.

The producer of the game, NBA Live Mobile 17 coins hack from EA adding that the game was originally was set to be played on the PC and Xbox 360. However, after careful consideration, the developer decided the game will not be present on the Xbox 360 as the console is considered already quite “old”. As for the PC, after consideration of free high quality for high-end gaming PC, the developer eventually abandoned the plan when the offer from Microsoft to make the game as one of the games that accompany the launch of the Android came. In the end, it comes just a zombie game for Android only.

Madden Mobile 2017 Review

Related certainty release schedule game Madden Mobile for PC finally obtained! According to their initial promise, where the Ubisoft informed that the PC version of the game will only be delayed a few weeks of the console version, the game certainly will be released on November 19, or “only” three weeks after the console versions!

Delays in the PC version of the game e-phouse series has indeed occurred several times in the history of the game. However, 3 weeks are still far more acceptable than the delay of several months as was the case in Madden Mobile II and Madden Mobile: Brotherhood. Moreover, the release date of 19 November is still faster some days when compared to the game’s release date for Android, which would follow the release date of the next-generation console, which falls on November 22.

Related to such delays, a few months ago representatives of Ubisoft stated that the delay would allow them to make the PC version of the game is phenomenal. Only, they do not explain the relevant differences that will exist in the PC version when compared to the console versions, both for current-generation and next-generation.

Version of the current-generation console and Wii U Madden Mobile will be released on 29 October. As for the PlayStation 4, the same as the Android, the release date of the game will follow the release date of the console in question, which is dated November 15.